McGuinty’s Expensive Energy Experiments Driving Sarnia Hydro Rates Through the Roof and Hurting the Family Budget


Sarnia– Today, Ontario PC MPP Bob Bailey visited Twin Lakes Terrace Long-Term Care Community to talk about skyrocketing hydro bills and the impact on the cost of doing business in Ontario and the strain it has put on the family budget.

From smart meters, to the Green Energy Act, to massive subsidies to the foreign corporation Samsung, electricity bills are skyrocketing under Dalton McGuinty to pay for his expensive energy experiments. Under Dalton McGuinty’s watch hydro rates have increased by 75 percent – or over 100 percent if your so-called smart meter has been activated. Worse yet, bills are going up further 46 percent within five years according to Dalton McGuinty’s own lowball estimate.

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs believe energy policy should be treated as economic policy, and not as a social program. An Ontario PC Government will deliver a long-term, pragmatic energy plan for Ontario that puts consumers first.


“Usually in January, it’s the credit card bill that families are most afraid to open when it arrives in the mail. But this year, it’s the hydro bill. It’s time that we place the consumer’s ability to pay at the forefront of all energy sector decisions and respect that they pay the bills.”

– Bob Bailey, Ontario PC MPP

“When you add in the impact of the HST and other rate increases, rising hydro bills are forcing many families to make difficult decisions. These decisions often affect a family’s ability to afford family outings which bolster the local economy or to keep their kids in minor hockey and figure skating.”

– Bob Bailey, Ontario PC MPP


·    A typical Sarnia family pays about $125.23 a month in hydro expenses.  According to analysis conducted by the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Sarnia area residents will see this bill rise to $186.23 a month over the next 5 years — representing an increase of $732 a year.

·         A recent survey of nearly 3,400 small businesses by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business found electricity prices topped the list of provincial policies affecting their ability to earn a living. 

·         Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs have called on Dalton McGuinty to make time-of-use pricing optional for families and announced that he will create a Consumer Advocate at the Ontario Energy Board to ensure all decisions reflect the consumer’s ability to pay.

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