A Petition Calling For Action On Double-Crested Cormorant Population Control

A Petition Calling for Action on Double-Crested Cormorant Population Control

TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS there are growing concerns that the rapid population grow of double-crested cormorants in the Great Lakes region is having a negative impact on the ecosystems of many shorelines, inland waterways and island habitats; and

WHEREAS double-crested cormorants nest in large colonies, stressing sensitive freshwater ecosystems and ruining biodiversity; and

WHEREAS double-crested cormorant guano is toxic, killing trees and vegetation, and destroying traditional nesting habitats for other shoreline birds, such as the tern, egret or heron; and

WHEREAS an adult double-crested cormorant will eat approximately one pound of fish per day, including game fish, which anglers and commercial fisheries say is impacting fishing in Ontario; and

WHEREAS the Ministry of Natural Resources has failed to take action in the last decade to address the rapid population growth of double-crested cormorants throughout the Great Lakes region;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: That the Government of Ontario moves quickly to bring Bill 205, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Amendment Act, 2016, before a Legislative committee for review and public comment without further delay.


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