A Petition Calling on the Government to Increase Funding & Supports for Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes

A petition calling on the provincial government to immediately increase funding and supports for Ontario’s critically important long-term care homes.

Petition: Better Care & Support for Long Term Care Homes

TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS, current funding of Long-Term Care (LTC) homes is not enough to cover the cost of adequate resident care; and

WHEREAS, staffing levels in our LTC homes cannot currently meet the basic daily needs of residents; and

WHEREAS, the demand for staff assisted services has increased as LTC residents have more complicated needs resulting in unattainable workloads; and

WHEREAS, LTC home staff are feeling the pressure of these increased demands leading to a deterioration in the delivery of care; and

WHEREAS, the absence of a comprehensive regulatory framework allows unacceptable deviations from a standard level of minimum care and services;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

-Immediately increase funding to LTC homes for the purpose of increasing staff levels; and

-Begin a comprehensive review of the LTC home regulatory standards ensuring current and future demographic needs will be met; and

-Develop a minimum level of individual resident care, recognizing the increasing complex care needs of the aging demographic.


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