The electoral district of Sarnia-Lambton, located on the south shore of Lake Huron in Southwestern-Ontario, has a population for 105 360 with 78 909 registered voters across eight communities: the City of Sarnia; the towns of Petrolia and Plympton-Wyoming; the villages of Oil Springs and Point Edward; the townships of Enniskillen and St. Clair and; Sarnia Indian Reserve No. 45. Sarnia-Lambton is bordered to the North, East, and South by the electoral district of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex and to the West by the State of Michigan.

Containing a healthy mix of urban and rural areas, Sarnia-Lambton has a lot to offer residents, visitors and industry. Sarnia-Lambton is known for the discovery of oil with the Oil Springs home to the first commercially drilled oil well in North America. Since then Sarnia-Lambton has maintained a strong connection to the petrochemical industry with a number of refineries currently located throughout the area.

In addition to the petrochemical industry, Sarnia-Lambton is home to a strong agricultural sector and a growing tourism industry that revolves around the area’s natural beauty and the many events taking place throughout the year.

Government Docks at Night. Photo courtesy of Daniel Bellyk of Sarnia

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