MPP Bailey Denounces Liberal’s Planned Tax Hike

QUEEN’S PARK – “Absolutely no new taxes in Sarnia-Lambton for Toronto transit,” says MPP Bob Bailey in response to the just announced Liberal plan to add 10 cents per litre to the cost of gas across Ontario to pay for new subways in Toronto.

“This government can’t be trusted with more taxpayer money. They have spent a decade perfecting ways to squander it,” added MPP Bailey.

The Liberal’s plan to create a new sin tax on driving punishes residents of Sarnia-Lambton as there’s little chance it will benefit Sarnia-Lambton.

Solving the traffic congestion problem in the Toronto area is important for Ontario’s economy, but MPP Bailey believes there is a better solution that does not involve reaching for what’s left in the wallets of Ontario taxpayers. The Ontario PC Party has announced a plan to build and pay for subways in Toronto without raising taxes.

MPP Bailey and the Ontario PC Caucus propose earmarking funds to go into an Ontario Transportation Trust which will fund projects with absolute transparency. The Trust will allow the government to set aside money in a dedicated fund to be spent on priority transportation projects across the province, not just the GTA.

“This will work. It’s thoughtful. It’s clear and transparent for voters,” said MPP Bailey.

“The extra costs keep adding up. This government is bad for business in Ontario and it’s bad for families. The Wynne/Liberal government seems to be able to find ways for the taxpayers to cover the cost of their boondoggles and wasted money, but don’t have any money to pay for needed infrastructure except through new taxes. The money is there, it just needs to be used in the right way. This proposal is a no-Wynne solution for Sarnia-Lambton.

“It’s time for a change in the team that leads Ontario. We’re going to fight tooth and nail because you know one thing: when we are elected, things will change.”

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