MPP Bailey Hosts PC Energy Critic MacLeod at Energy Discussion in Sarnia-Lambton

SARNIA, ON –On Wednesday, Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey hosted PC Energy Critic, Lisa MacLeod, local business representatives, industry leaders and residents of Sarnia-Lambton for a roundtable discussion of the province’s troubled energy system.

The group focused on finding solutions to the many troublesome issues with the management of Ontario’s energy system, including rapidly increasing energy costs, expensive billing mistakes at Hydro One, doubling propane prices, the inexplicable debt retirement charge, and harmful wind turbine projects in rural Ontario.

“Over the last two years the number of calls, letters and emails that have come into my office about the cost of energy and skyrocketing rates has increased tenfold,” said MPP Bailey.  “The Liberal Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli has no idea of the challenges that real Ontarians are facing. Families can’t turn off many more lights before they are left sitting completely in the dark”.

MPP MacLeod has been travelling the province listening to concerned residents and discussing the Ontario PC white paper Paths to Prosperity: Affordable Energy.  MPP MacLeod and the Ontario PC caucus propose eight paths that will help reposition energy in Ontario as a catalyst to creating good jobs and economic growth rather than the barrier it has become during the past decade of McGuinty-Wynne Liberal rule.

“Affordable energy is a cornerstone of economic growth,” MPP Bailey said.  “Ontario needs a fresh approach to its power sector; affordable energy is a fundamental element of Ontario’s future economic success. We need policies that will keep prices under control for entrepreneurs, industry and households alike, while ensuring that the system is reliable and sustainable.”

Paths to Prosperity: Affordable Energy, was the first in a series of white papers released by the Ontario PC Party that addresses the major challenges, like energy, that Ontario continues to grapple with after ten years of Liberal Governments.  To read a copy of any of the white papers in the Paths to Prosperity series please visit

In addition to the midday meeting, MPPs Bailey and MacLeod toured the Sarnia-Lambton Research Park to learn more about the innovative research and pilot projects that local companies are developing to be competitive in today’s market.