MPP Bailey Signs Stop the Trades Tax Pledge


SARNIA, ON – On Wednesday, Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey visited local business General Maintenance Services in Sarnia to pledge his support for the growing opposition to the mandatory tax on trades workers being imposed by the Ontario College of Trades.

At the event MPP Bailey signed the ‘Stop the Trades Tax’ pledge, to oppose all efforts by the College of Trades, and its Liberal and NDP supporters at Queen’s Park, to impose the expensive new tax on Ontario’s mandatory trades. This spring, tradespeople and their employers started to receive letters from the College of Trades indicating that annual fees would increase. For the average tradesperson in Sarnia-Lambton fees are increasing from $20 annually to $120 per year per tradesperson – a 500% increase.

On top of that, the College of Trades is also planning to add all voluntary trades in Ontario to its tax rolls, a move that is expected to siphon off up to $84 million dollars annually to create and fund this new bureaucracy. This new tax will affect hundreds of thousands of trades workers in the province, and increase the costs of services to consumers for everything from auto repair to hair cuts.

“The Trades Tax will be a major tax hit for tradespeople and cost millions and millions of dollars. The Liberals and NDP are calling the trades tax a ‘membership fee’ for the College of Trades. The reality is they plan to use the Trades Tax to build another layer of government bureaucracy that no one needs or wants,” said MPP Bailey.

Moreover, many tradespeople and local businesses in Sarnia-Lambton have expressed concern over the College’s decision to require compulsory trade status and its impeding effect on the flow of labour mobility and the overall competitiveness of Ontario’s economy. Across the province the College of Trades is opposed by tradespeople, employers and industry leaders.

“I am proud today that I am able to sign the Stop the Trades Tax pledge. I encourage everyone to take action and go to to voice their opposition to this tax on workers in Ontario.”