QUEEN’S PARK – “The way out of the jobs and debt crisis created by the Liberals isn’t hard to see,” Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey said today. “But it will take a new plan and a new team with the courage to lead us there; to put Ontario back on the right track.”

MPP Bailey comments follow Thursday’s 2013 Liberal budget that, as expected, increases both spending and debt while entrenching the damaging anti-jobs policies of the McGuinty-Wynne era.

“Ontario is in a tough economic situation, and we have lost thousands of jobs, roughly 1,000 locally,” said MPP Bailey. “Too many of our friends and neighbours in Sarnia-Lambton are having trouble finding work and this government has presented a budget that unfortunately provides no hope to them.”

“Ontario can do so much better,” MPP Bailey stressed: “Ontario can’t afford the Liberal plan of overspending and hiding from our economic and job crisis, or Andrea Horwath and the NDP plan to talk while sitting on our hands. We need courage to make the tough and bold decisions today so our children and my grandchildren don’t wake up tomorrow to a province with fewer opportunities than
you and I had.”

The choice we face is between continuing down the same path that has us struggling to keep up, or to take a new path that leads toward a strong, confident and prosperous Ontario, MPP Bailey added.

“Here are the stakes: Every dollar paid in interest on the Liberals’ huge debt is money that won’t go to schools, hospitals or new investments in our transportation networks. But the government has only made the problem worse through its reckless overspending.”

By contrast, only the Ontario PCs have a plan that includes ideas to grow jobs, lower taxes, control hydro rates, and provide for a government that lives within its means.


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