Ontario PCs React to Imperial Oil Closure

QUEEN’S PARK – As families in Sarnia cope with the closure of the Imperial Oil Lubricant Blending Packaging and Shipping Gate, the Liberals still waffle on a plan for jobs.

Today, Ontario PC Natural Resources Critic (Oil, Gas & Aggregates) Bob Bailey called on the Liberals to acknowledge that their policies are hurting people in Sarnia and across the province. Bailey was reacting to news that Imperial Oil will close its Lubricant Blending Packing and Shipping Gate.

“Premier, yesterday Imperial Oil in Sarnia announced that it would close its blending division at Sarnia, citing inability to be competitive in Ontario. This means lost jobs and investment, lost jobs and opportunities for the local trades, lost business for local suppliers and lost tax revenue for the city of Sarnia. Deputy Premier, will you do anything to kick-start our economy or generate investment in Ontario and did you do anything to compete for those jobs at Imperial and the supporting jobs in the local community?”

Bailey called for the Liberals to acknowledge their role in the Imperial Oil announcement, one of many in the last few days, as employers flee the province.

“After ten years of your Liberal government’s skyrocketing energy prices and anti-business policies, companies across this province are headed for greener pastures. We saw it at Leamington’s Heinz facility, Cliffs just announced today and of course at Imperial Oil in Sarnia. The hits keep adding up. Will you finally agree that your government is bad for business in Ontario. It’s time for a change in the team that leads Ontario, time for you to apologize and resign.

“My heart really goes out to all the families in our region who will be affected by the closure,” Bailey concluded.

For video of today’s question, please visit http://bit.ly/1aTZNAe or www.bobbaileympp.com .