Ontario Providing Support for the People of Ukraine

TORONTO ― The Ontario government is assisting the people of Ukraine by providing $300,000 in humanitarian aid during this difficult and challenging time.

“Last night we witnessed a violent attack on a sovereign nation as Vladimir Putin launched a war of aggression against Ukraine,” said Premier Doug Ford. “The bonds between Canada and Ukraine run deep, and generations of Ukrainian-Canadians have helped build the Canada we know and love. This morning I spoke with the Consul General of Ukraine and assured him that the people of Ontario stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine.”

“I am deeply concerned about the escalating situation in Ukraine and condemn the unprovoked actions against Ukraine,” said Parm Gill, Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism. “Ontario is home to more than 375,000 people of Ukrainian origin and they have made our province a better place. Our government stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian community in Ontario and with the people of Ukraine.”

Ontario’s monetary support will be donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and will be used to support humanitarian purposes, including providing medical aid, emergency shelter and food security in Ukraine. The Canada-Ukraine Foundation will ensure the donation will be used to provide assistance quickly and efficiently to people and families in need.

Ontario will also be ready to assist anyone fleeing from Ukraine who is in need of settlement services. Settlement agencies support newcomers and refugees to find housing, employment, health services and more when they arrive in Ontario.

“We share Premier Ford’s concern over Russian aggression into Ukraine. We know the required humanitarian support will be significant and we are grateful to the government and the people of Ontario for supporting this worthy endeavor,” said Orest Sklierenko, President of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. “We hope to continue to work with the province of Ontario in the coming weeks as we support the people of Ukraine during this trying time.”