Paths to Prosperity: Respect for Rural Ontario

SARNIA, ON – Ontario can lead Canada in job creation again, but for that to happen, agriculture can no longer be ignored by the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals, Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey said today.

MPP Bailey made the comments following the launch of the latest Paths to Prosperity discussion paper, Respect for Rural Ontario – the 12thOntario PC white paper with bold ideas to strengthen Ontario’s economy.

“Agriculture supports our province’s overall economy,” MPP Bailey said. “It’s an economic engine that creates jobs in every corner of the province, from our farms to rural communities to processing plants in big cities.”

“Over the past decade, the Liberals have made deliberate decisions that have damaged our agriculture industry,” MPP Bailey said. “Every day we see farmers and agribusiness struggle because of high taxes, skyrocketing energy rates and a thicket of red tape.”

Respect for Rural Ontario offers bold, confident ideas to repair the damage and make the province’s agriculture industry world leaders again in innovation and production. For example, an Ontario PC government would attract good jobs and investments to the province by:

  • Growing the market for biodiesel by requiring all diesel fuel sold in Ontario to contain two per cent biodiesel.
  • Reducing the regulatory burden by a minimum of 33 per cent over three years and creating one-window access to government for farmers.
  • Reducing the risk for farmers by putting all Risk Management Program premiums – farmers’ and government’s – into a dedicated fund to even out good and bad years.

MPP Bailey said the only thing standing in the way of progress to create new jobs supporting agriculture is a government that treats farming as “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.”

“The Liberals seem to think farming is a quaint past-time of the 19thcentury,” MPP Bailey concluded. “What they’ve failed to understand is that modern, sophisticated farming drives job creation in every corner of the province and feeds all Ontarians.”

“Only the Ontario PCs have a plan to build on the role of agriculture which is key to rebuilding Ontario’s economy.”


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