PC Caucus Introduces Government Confidence Motion Liberals Aim to Dodge Vote with Help from NDP

QUEEN’S PARK – “People in Sarnia-Lambton have lost confidence in the Liberal Government’s ability to govern Ontario,” said Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey on Monday after the Ontario PC Caucus introduced a Confidence Motion at Queen’s Park.

“The closure of LGS and the Sarnia Jail; the hatchet job on the horse racing industry; forcing Industrial Wind Turbines on unwilling communities; buying votes for party members with millions of gas plant dollars; high unemployment; expensive energy; ecofees; and drive-clean are all reasons that people are contacting my office saying this Liberal Government has lost the confidence of the people in our community,” added MPP Bailey.

“Premier Wynne was not given a mandate from the people of Ontario to govern, she was hand picked by the Liberal Party elite; the PC Caucus believe it is time to put the issue of confidence in the Wynne Government to a vote,” said MPP Bailey. “I hope the NDP members of the Legislature will have the courage to vote against this government and stand up for communities like Sarnia-Lambton that have been hit hard by 10 years of Liberal rule.”

The Confidence Motion is a rarely used but extremely important tool for opposition parties at Queen’s Park. If successful the PC Caucus Confidence Motion would topple the scandal plagued Liberal Government after a decade in power.

In response to the motion, the Liberal Government is refusing to recognize the Official Opposition’s right to call for a vote of confidence. Without pressure from the third party NDP, the Liberal Government will be allowed to once again dodge responsibility for its actions.

The Ontario PCs have started an online petition to give taxpayers a chance to have their say. Ontarians can visit www.ontariopc.com/gasplants to add their name to the list with others who have lost confidence in the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals and want this motion to be heard.


For more information, contact:
David Donovan | 416-325-1715 | david.donovan@pc.ola.org | www.bobbaileympp.com