Wynne Liberals’ Commitment to Political Financing Reforms a Sham

Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition
For Immediate Release

QUEEN’S PARK – Following his meeting with the other party leaders, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown expressed his disappointment that the Liberal Government’s commitment to political financing reform was nothing but a sham.

“What I can take away from this meeting is that the Premier is afraid of an open and transparent process to develop the rules,” said Leader Patrick Brown.  “Premier Wynne’s promises of real reform ring hollow.”

Last Friday, Brown outlined the Ontario PC Caucus’ six-point plan to clean up political fundraising in the province of Ontario, which requested that the government immediately call a Public Inquiry into the allegations of government contracts, grants, and contributions being awarded to corporations and other entities who made donations to the governing party.

“A public inquiry is the only way to ensure that the people of Ontario know the truth, and it is the only way to restore trust in this government,” Brown continued.  “Yet coming out of this meeting it’s clear the Premier is a petrified of a Public Inquiry.  What is she hiding?”

In the meeting the Liberal Government rejected the Ontario PC Caucus’ proposal for a public inquiry, as well as the striking of a Special Select Committee with equal representation from the political parties. This committee would also include the Integrity Commissioner, the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and the Chief Electoral Officer.

“We sought a process that would give an equal voice to all parties and all relevant Officers of the Legislature,” added Brown.  “The Wynne Liberals have lost the moral high ground on this issue – the public, and the Ontario PC Caucus, have continued to urge that this process cannot be controlled by the governing party.  Yet the Premier wants to draft legislation behind closed doors.”

Brown concluded, “It’s no wonder the people of Ontario have lost trust in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government when it’s clear she’s only interested in her own political survival.”